Ninjutsu Black Belt

Ninjutsu Black Belt

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Welcome Bushindo University

Beginning September 2018, our sister group’s website Ninja-Learning-Network partnered with Bushindo University to help provide their entire Online and DVD Ninjutsu Black Belt Course Program. With Bushindo University courses you have nearly unlimited opportunities for advancement through any degree of black belt (1st Dan, Shodan, through Master.) Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu and other black belt videos courses are available online such as Weapons Training, Body Conditioning, Enlightenment Through Martial Arts and more. Also available is official Bujinkan rank testing registered with Hatsumi’s Hombu dojo – from Beginner to Master – Be a Ninja!

Bujinkan DaiShihan Richard van Donk and the Council of Masters at Bushindo University offer the most comprehensive and authentic Ninja Training and Rank Testing – from Beginner to Master, even Sensei of you own Ninja Dojo. Study online with other students and instructors around the world, or order the complete DVD set with binder. Ninja Learning Network is proud to partner with the best Ninjutsu Bujinkan video course instruction system on the planet. Watch for new community forums and training resources to support your entire Ninja Training journey. Be sure to look at the learning options available for Ninjutsu and other Budo Martial Arts training such as Traditional and Modern Weapons, DeCuerdas Dynamic Eskrima, Sword Mastery, Body Conditioning, Enlightenment Through Martial Arts and more.

The archival footage of Grandmaster Hatsumi shown in this clip is from the 1989 New Jersey USA Bujinkan TaiKai. The clip is provided by one of Hatsumi’s students shown in the video, now Daishihan, Richard Van Donk.

Some of the Ninjutsu WEAPONS in the Ninjutsu Black Belt Video Course:

Ninja and Samurai martial arts weapons include: The Mind, Hanbo Short Staff, Katana Sword, Rokushaku Bo Long staff, Shoto Short Sword, Tanto Knife, Kusari Fundo Chain w/tips, Kunai, Tessen, Jute Blades, Senban and Bo Shuriken Throwing Blades, Shuko Hand claws, Naginata and Yari Spears, Kyoketsu Shoge Rope/Ring, Hand Guns & Airsoft Training, Pens, cups, keys, dirt, more…

Ninjutsu GENERAL TOPICS in the Ninjutsu black belt video course:

Junan Taiso (Body Conditioning), Kamae (Postures), Taihenjutsu (Body Movement), Ukemi (Breakfalls), Kaiten (Rolls), Shiho Tenchi Tobi (Leaping), Kiten (Flips), Kuten (Handsprings), Dakentaijutsu (Striking), Hoken Juroppo Ken (16 Hidden Fists), Keri (Kicking), Uke Nagashi (Receiving Flow), Shinobi Aruki (Silent Walking), Tai Sabaki (Body Movement/Evasion), Ashi Sabaki (Leg/Foot Movement), Zanshin (Awareness), Kihon Happo (The Eight Basic Ways), San Shin No Kata (The 3 Hearts Forms) Hajutsu Kuho (Wrist/Body Escapes), Gyaku Waza (Reversal Techniques), Nage Waza (Throwing Techniques), Jime Waza (Choking Techniques), Kuzushi (Off Balancing), Shinken Mutodori Gata (Sword Evasion), Kyusho (Weakness Points), Metsubishi (Deceptive Distraction), Taijutsu (Motion for Maximum Power)For the Ninjutsu Black Belt Curse curriculum details, download the Guide

Ninjutsu Black Belt Online Training Techniques – We are active members of the Bujinkan, Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, the Ninja and Samurai -based school of Hatsumi Soke.



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Watching free online video clips about earning a Ninjutsu Black Belt is fun and helpful. But take your martial arts Ninja training to the next level by joining the Bushindo University Ninja Training Program. Authorized by Hatsumi Soke. DVD or streaming online, rank testing also available.

POST your comments on our social media pages if you have suggestions about how we can offer more opportunities to share Ninjutsu Black Belt or any other Ninja training techniques for video, books and supplies. We are active members of the Bujinkan Ninjutsu, the Ninja and Samurai school of Hatsumi Soke.