Kaiten Rolls

Kaiten “Rolls” Videos – martial arts rolls for escape or attack

Kaiten “Rolls” can be used for escape or attack against opponents. This kind of body control is helpful in many survival situations, not just against human opponents. Smoothness, speed, control of the contact points with the ground, correct direction, changing direction, distance achieved and performing other maneuvers during rolling are complex skills. Achieving high awareness of your surroundings during rolls, and using tools or dealing with multiple opponents increase complexity of great kaiten skills. As with many other basic techniques, kaiten training has been formally studied because the human body naturally uses certain physics during battle, and the rolling skills are among the most fundamental.

 This video is provided to help students practice the pronunciation and fundamental forms for free online. The Japanese names correspond to words, i.e. zenpo kaiten is “forward roll.” These are explained in the video course by Sensei and are outlined in the curriculum course guide. This video is an excerpt from kyu 9, level one.

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Notice that the second video shows a great use of a weapon during a kaiten roll at the very end of the video. The needle shaped darts are “bo shuriken” and some of the other weapons are also in common with Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu and other Ninjutsu training dojos. Many of the other free videos posted on this web site incorporate kaiten, such as how to roll with a sword in your hands, how to attack an opponent while rolling, how to fake that you are hurt after doing a kaiten to confuse your attacker and more. When you watch all the videos on this channel, or on the Ninja Learning Network Youtube Channel, notice how almost every single video shows kaiten forms being modified spontaneously by the students. When you are training, you should acheive a sense of total control and ability to vary the basic forms that you start learning in level one, 9th kyu of the course.

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