Jime Waza Video: Choking Techniques

Watch this free Jime Waza Video about Choking Techniques! Subdue Attackers into Submission. Watch Ninja Training Techniques for Placing Choke Holds on Opponents Stops the Flow of Air to the Lungs and Blood to the Brain.  These techniques are shown for demonstration of Jime Waza only, for the purposes of subdueing attackers with non-lethal methods. However, this is highly dangerous, do not play pass out games with these maneuvers! Only train to learn the methods in this Jime Waza video while under direct professional supervision!  This clip is from kyu 3 of the blackbelt video course.

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Jime Waza Video: Choking Techniques

These are the classic Ninjutsu choke holds which are also taught under different names in many other martial arts. They are central training for almost all forms of combat methods and street defense programs. In Ninjutsu black belt study, ie. Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, they should be learned from all kamae stances, while enduring a wide variety of attacks, when seated or on the ground, from behind and in front, with and without training tools or weapons, while wearing street clothing, and so on.

Train for these methods extremely carefully as you could permanently and severely damage your training partners body. People play passout games with these methods which should NEVER happen! You can also cause someone to pass out and be injured from falling, not to mention brain damage and injury to the neck arteries, veins and breathing organs. Train gently and let go! when the person taps out! If you ever have to use these in real self defence scenarios you should let go as soon as you feel the person relax and help them fall gently to the ground, the call 911 to give them professional medical treatment immediately.

The most basic traditional Ninjutsu Jime Waza choke holds:

Hon Gyaku Reverse Choke
Gyaku Jime Revers Choke
Itami Jime Pain Choke
Sankaku Jime Three-pointed Choke
Gyaku Jime Reverse Figure #10 Position Choke
Katate Jime One-handed Choke