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Watch free Hanbo and Stick Fighting Videos! The Hanbo is a half of a full staff. Basically a 3 foot stick, the hanbo is one of the oldest self defense tools on the planet along with a full sized staff (bo). The Rokushaku Bo is the six foot stick. Many martial arts focus on stick fighting techniques and it is address in most of the 9 schools of the Bujinkan. Watch hanbo videos below or click on the hanbo links to find even more books and training gear to help you with your hanbo stick fighting training. Many of our other videos on other pages also show more hanbo techniques because it is used in so many Ninjutsu black belt training techniques. The kamae hanbo video below is A SMALL PART  of the hanbo black belt course instruction.

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The half staff weapon is used in many martial arts and in modern day self-defense and military tactics. Stick fighting techniques include striking, blocking, restraining, poking or throwing an attacker. Basically just a a three foot stick, the hanbo is probably one of the oldest and most primitive self defense tools on the planet along with a full sized staff (bo). The Rokushaku Bo is the six foot stick.

Learning from these hanbo and stick fighting videos allows you to understand basic self defense with objects that are readily found in metro or natural environments. Think about how techniques you learn with a hanbo would also apply to using branches in the forest, baseball and cricket bats, umbrellas, walking canes and much more. The leveraging potential of the object enables the user to quickly force an opponent to submit. It is also effective for applying to an attackers kyusho points (the weakness or pain points on the body) causing them to mentally freeze and become compliant.

Hatsumi Soke discusses stick fighting frequently and directs students who train wit the katana (sword) to first master hanbo techniques. When used effectively against sword attacks such as blocking against the incoming sharp edges of a sword blade, the hanbo can actually defeat an attacker who is using a katana. Some historical commentary about hanbo indicates that some modern hanbo techniques were developed during a time in Japanese history when Samurai were forbidden to wear their swords so they developed their sword skills into the use of a hanbo against potential sword attacks. It is not clear when the hanbo was first used in Ninjutsu history, but there are historical references to it first occurring during a battle when a warriors spear was cut in half during the fight. After that it came to be formally studied, particularly as part of the Kukishin-ryū koryū classical school of martial arts, and Kukishinden-ryū, one of the nine schools of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu.

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