Hajutsu Kuho Ninjutsu Videos Free Pain Compliance Lesson

Watch free Hajutsu Kuho Ninjutsu video tips, also called Ninja Pain Compliance Techniques for Escape and Control. Watch how to escape from an enemy by applying non-damaging and pain-inducing moves on fingers and body parts. Useful for law enforcement and other scenarios when you dont want to harm your opponent but they force you to distract them with injury-free pain infliction.

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Hajutsu Kuho Ninjutsu Video about Ninja Pain Compliance

HAJUTSU KUHO are basically escape techniques that distract an attacker with painful for harmless (if performed properly) methods. They have brutal names because they invoke dastardly images involving fingers, torture and death. Actually, they are designed to trigger pain and nerve panic signals to an attackers brain so they almost cant help but let go of you so you can escape. The holds that form the basis of these methods can be used to cause permanent damage as well, but when training hajutsu kuho a student should focus on how much control they can get over another person with minor movement and little risk of harm. Some techniques are small methods focusing on fingers and hands (Tehodoki wrist escapes free hands.) Others are large movements involving the entire body (Taihodoki body escapes free body.) Some of the specific form have charming names like killing the parent or thumb (Oyagoroshi); killing the child or little finger (Kogoroshi) ; crushing the hips (Koshi-kudaki); kick crusher (keri kudaki); fist crusher (ken kudaki) and the more harmless sounding eight directional kick (happo geri.)

When you watch this Hajutsu Kuho Video Ninja Pain Compliance Technique, notice the pain-inducing methods on the attackers fingers, and some particular wrist and body motions will cause immediate and almost involuntary compliance due to pain and panic signals going to the brain, not because the grip is itself effective. These maneuvers are often taught to law enforcement and military personnel because in most of those scenarios the officer does not want to harm the offender. Do not play with these as if they are party games as you can cause permanent damage to someone when done improperly. But you never know when a drunk or upset person can be spared a lot of grief if they need to be subdued by someone who has no ill will toward them.

This CAN cause injury if used by untrained people. Do NOT attempt this without professional supervision!

pain compliance hajutsu kuho video