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Daken means striking or blocking (ken = fist) and taijutsu refers to techniques that use only the body, or motion of the body (unarmed.) The general term dakentaijutsu covers many kinds of unarmed strikes and blocks they are often the same thing. Every video on this web site utilizes blocking and striking, and all Ninjutsu techniques incorporate dakentaijutsu strikes and blocks. But when first learning about how to control your body parts and the physics of motion, you can start with learning and practicing the forms shown in these demonstration videos. (Read more about the dakentaijutsu striking videos below.)

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The clips above are PARTIAL review clips from the much more detailed lessons in Basics of Ninja Training® black belt video course, kyu 9 and kyu 8. These are great review to see the names, spellings, pronunciations and basic forms of beginning dakentaijutsu training.  Hoken Juroppo Ken is the famous 16 hidden or secret fists.  A fist can be your foot, your knee, your toe any body part that is about to make contact with an opponent or their weapons.  Even your teeth and your voice can be considered fists or striking and blocking tools when you think creatively about how you can disrupt and attack by using that body part.  Teeth can bite, your forehead can butt against a persons face, your big toe can jab into any of the soft flesh on your opponent, your forearm can swipe away an incoming punch, your knee can kick into someones chin, and so on. Some blocks and strikes are performed directly and abruptly, this is how most novices think about blocking and striking. But you can also lightly deflect an incoming attack with little or no contact, too.  Always think about how the motion and intent of your maneuver has just as much influence on your opponent as the actual contact itself.

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