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Conditioning is translated as “Junan Taiso” in this video is a warm up for Ninja Training Workouts. In this video you can join the Santa Cruz Bujinkan Dojo stretch session before their rigorous dojo class. “Junan Taiso” means “conditioning” and can include weight lifting, trail hiking with tree climbing, swimming and any activity that gets you in touch with your body while strengthening and improving skills. This video goes through the daily warm up session that all students learn and perform before every class at the Santa Cruz Bujinkan Dojo. Read more about Junan Taiso below.

 Conditioning Junan Taiso Video with Sensei Roemke

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The word “Junan” roughly means flexible, and the word “tai” means “the body.” This kind of physical training to increase flexibility, strength and body control stems from ancient and modern yoga techniques. It includes breath control. In Ninjutsu it now refers to any activity intended to condition your body and skills.  It is intended to improve to both physical health and mental stability and well-being.  Flexibility, muscle tone, elasticity, improved blood circulation, more acute concentration and full body relaxation are all components of this kind of conditioning. Practicing some form of junan taiso daily, before or after any training session, will improve your Ninjutsu and your quality of life in general.

You can find some old videos on the internet showing martial artists in Japan who are training in the woods by pushing on bamboo clumps as hard as they can, jumping around back and forth between rock piles and so forth. They are thinking of any way to simulate a combat situation in the wilderness using the objects and terrain around them. While doing this they are training their minds to think of self defense while also getting a good workout that exactly simulates a genuine survival situation.

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