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Watch Free Videos about Ninjutsu Online! Check out these free Ninja training techniques from the “Basics of Ninja Training”® blackbelt video course from Ninja Learning Network and Sensei Roemke. These clips show hundreds of maneuvers in free excerpts from the 8 hour video shodan course. This is authentic Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu as passed down from Hatsumi Soke in Japan.  The playlist below is has dozens of clips that you can also watch on your TV or devices from the YouTube channel. Subscribe!

Enjoy the FREE VIDEOS playlist:

Watch FREE videos BY TOPIC:

Dakentaijutsu – Striking Techniques (fists, kicks, punches, blocks)

Hajutsu Kuho (“Wrist/Body Escapes” and Pain Compliance Techniques)

Hanbo and Stick Fighting (The Short Staff, 3 foot staff, a “stick fighting” weapon)

Hand Guns and Airsoft (Do not use real handguns for training, use airsoft as if real)

Improvised Weapons (Pens, cups, keys, dirt, more…)

Jime Waza (Choking Techniques)

Junan Taiso – Body Conditioning (“Body Conditioning”)

Kaiten (Rolls)

Kamae (Postures or Stances)

Katana (Samurai Sword)

Kihon Happo ( “The Eight Basic Ways”)

Knife Defense (Tanto-Blade-Kunai-Throwing-Knife)

Kusari Fundo (Chain with metal tips at both ends)

Kuzushi  (Off Balancing)

Kyoketsu Shoge (Rope with a Ring on one end and a hooking blade on the other)

Kyusho Points (Pain Points, also called ‘weakness’ points)

Multiple Attackers (and Zan Shin “Awareness”)

Nage Waza (Throwing Techniques)

Rokushaku Bo (The Long staff, 6 foot staff)

San Shin (The Five “3 Hearts/Cores Forms”)

Shuriken  (Ninja Stars, Throwing Needles)

Tai Sabaki – Body Movement and Evasion

Taijutsu (“Body Movement” Motion for Maximum Power)

Ukemi (Breakfalls)

Zan Shin (Awareness)


The major Ninjutsu WEAPONS are:

Hanbo – The Short Staff, 3 foot staff, a stick fighting weapon
Katana – Sword. also Shinken Mutodori Gata “Sword Evasion” techniques
Rokushaku Bo – The Long staff, 6 foot staff
Throwing Blades and Knives Tanto and throwing weapons
Kusari Fundo – Chain with metal tips at both ends
Shuriken – Ninja Stars and Needles
Kyoketsu Shoge – Rope with a Ring on one end and a hooking blade on the other
Hand Guns & Airsoft Training Do not use real handguns for training, use airsoft as if real
Street Defense and Improvised Weapons: Pens, cups, keys, dirt, more


The basic Ninja training TECHNIQUES:

Junan Taiso “Body Conditioning”
Kamae “Postures” Basic stances studied to analyze body physics and motion
Ukemi “Breakfalls”
Kaiten “Rolls”
Dakentaijutsu “Striking Techniques” (fists, kicks, punches, blocks)
Tai Sabaki “Body Movement and Evasion”
Multiple Attackers and Zan Shin “Awareness”
Kihon Happo “The Eight Basic Ways”
San Shin  The Five  3 Hearts/Cores Forms”
Hajutsu Kuho “Wrist/Body Escapes and Pain Compliance Techniques
Nage Waza “Throwing Techniques”
Jime Waza “Choking Techniques”
Kuzushi “Off Balancing”
Kyusho “Weakness Points” Also called Pain Points
Taijutsu Body Movement Motion for Maximum Power

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Warning: all martial arts training is dangerous. Train only under direct supervision of a trained professional. The videos and information provided in the instant download video course, and it all content at this website, is for reference and entertainment, You are solely responsible for any damages and injuries you create by attempting any of the techniques shown. Always watch free videos for training in martial arts with caution and danger in mind!

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