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Did you know that Ninja Learning Network often arranges special discounts and scholarships for the 8 hour video Bujinkan Ninjutsu black belt course “Basics of Ninja Training” with 15th Dan Bujinkan sensei Mark Roemke? Subscribe to the Ninja Learning Network Youtube channel to get the latest news and new videos about breaking news on Ninjutsu Black Belt Course discounts.

Check out the latest Ninjutsu Black Belt Course Disount!

The Download and DVD Superbowl 2018 Deal is $99.

(outside USA will be charged additional shipping.)

Expires March 31. Don’t miss the SWEET Superbowl Super Deal: if you get the Basics of Ninja Training 9 DVD set from Ninja Learning Network, you will also get a free download of the entire 8 hour course. You can choose download files for multiple formats from devices to huge screen TVs and game consoles.

This offer does not include any other memberships or rank testing. But all martial artists are welcome to join the Ninja Learning Network community for free at:

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Black Belt Video Course Guide

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