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You can order the Basics of Ninja Training® Black Belt Video Course on DVD, Instant Download, Streaming or Bluray. Learn the martial art of the Ninja (Ninjutsu, the famous  school of Masaaki Hatsumi, Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu.) Watch free Ninja Training Video excerpts from the Black Belt Course on the videos page, and click here to check out the outline for the 44 page Course Guide curriculum.

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About the Ninjutsu Black Belt Video Course: DVD, Instant Download, Streaming and Bluray

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Over 8 hours of Ninja Training Instructions and 16 weapons. This popular Ninjutsu Black belt Video Course on DVD, Instant Download, Bluray or Streaming Media is already studied in dozens of countries around the globe. It features of 8 hours of video instruction of formal techniques and street fighting applications. Sensei Roemke, a 15th Dan rank with exceptional weapons skills, covers 16 Ninjutsu martial art weapons and numerous other improvised self defense tools. In addition to purchasing these videos, it is also possible to hire Ninja Learning Network assess your own skills and give kyu rank feedback by analyzing your home made videos (an optional service not included with video purchase.)

Watching black belt video instruction is an irreplaceable supplement to hands on training with actual partners and a local sensei. But in between times that you can train at a dojo or semian, this video course will help you review properly performed maneuvers and their names. And you will have unlimited viewing opportunies to analyze techniques as they are performed for you on video by very advanced professionals for more than 8 hours!  Even if you don’t train, you’ll learn all about what it takes to earn a real Ninja black belt in the 21st Century.

For students from other martial arts who are not familiar with Bujinkan Ninjutsu, this is a lifelong encyclopedic resource of all the first degree basics of a Ninja Black Belt training program. Black belt and kyu ranking is not included with video purchase.

Ninja Black Belt Video Course Outline:

Below is an outline list of topics covered in the Basics of Ninja Training® 8 hour video course. (To see the entire, detailed 44 page curriculum, download the entire black belt Course Guide on PDF.)


Black Belt Video Course Guide

Level One: Kyu 9

A. Junan Taiso “Body Conditioning” for black belt training
B. Kamae Plus Dojo Phrases: “Postures”, Terminology and Dojo Etiquette
C. Ukemi – “Breakfalls”
D. Kaiten – “Rolls”
E. Dakentaijutsu – “Striking Techniques”
F. Tai Sabaki and Zanshin – “Body Movement/Evasion” and “Awareness”

Level Two: 8th Kyu

A. Hoken Juroppo Ken – “The 16 Hidden/Secret Fists”
B. Keri – “Kicks”
C. Uke Nagashi – “Receiving Flow”
D. Kihon Happo – “The Eight Basic Ways” (part one)
E. San Shin – “The Three Hearts Form”
F. Hanbo  -“The Half Staff” Weapon

Level Three: 7th Kyu

A. Taihenjutsu (continued)
B. Kihon Happon (continued)
C. Hajutsu Kuho – “The Eight Techniques and Nine Ways”
D. Katana (Sword)  Kamae – “Sword Postures”
E. Katana Giri – “Cutting with the Sword”
F. Katana Nuki – “Draws with the Sword”
G. Shinken Muto Dori Gata – “Sword Evasion Techniques”
H. Katana Japanese Sword Parts and Etiquette
I. Finishing Pins

Level Four: 6th Kyu

A. Taihenjutsu “No Hands” – Advanced Ukemi and Kaiten
B. Dakentaijutsu and Ashi Sabaki Strikes (continued) and “Leg/Foot Movement/Evasion”
C. Gyaku Waza – “Reversal Techniques”
D. Nage Waza – “Throwing Techniques” (part one)
E. Rokushakubo (long staff) Kamae postures – “Long Staff Postures”
F. Rokushakubo – Spin techniques
G. Rokushakubo – Strike techniques

Level Five: 5th Kyu

A. Taihenjutsu, Advanced  Ukemi and Kaiten (continued)
B. San Shin Gokui – “Inner Essence” of San Shin
C. Nage Waza (continued)
D. Knife (tanto) and Shoto Introduction (2 videos)
E. Advanced Knife Techniques
F. Kyusho Points – “Weakness Points”

Level Six: 4th Kyu

A. Ukemi as Attack
B. Kihon Happo Variations
C. San Shin Variations
D. Nage Waza (continued)
E. Kasuri Fundo Weapon, Chain with Metal Tips
F. Multiple Attackers
G. Kyusho Points  (continued)

Level Seven: Kyu 3

A. Taihenjutsu (continued)
B. San Shin Variations
C. Ashi Sabaki (continued)
D. Jime Waza “Choking Techniques”
E. Nage Waza (continued)
F. Jute – Metal Rod Weapon with a Hook Structure Near the Handle
G. Shuriken, Knife and Ax Metal Throwing Weapons
H. Walking and Advanced Zanshin
I. Kyusho (continued)

Level Eight: Kyu 2

A. Kuzushi “Off Balancing”
B. Nage Waza (continued)
C. Shuko – Metal Claw Weapon
D. Naginata – Spearlike Weapons
E. Yari Spearlike Weapon
F. Kyusho (continued)

Level Nine: Kyu 1

A. Nage Waza (continued)
B. Kyoketsu Shoge  -Rope with Ring and Special Blade on the ends, weapon
C. Advanced Weapon Techniques
D. Countering Counters
E. Kyusho (continued)


Thanks to Ninja Learning Network for making the course available online.