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Watching free Ninjutsu black belt video excerpts is fun and helpful for martial arts training. But when you are ready to TAKE YOUR NINJUTSU WISDOM TO THE NEXT LEVEL, consider acquiring your personal copy of the acclaimed "Basics of Ninja Training"® 8 hour black belt video course.

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"Basics of Ninja Training"®, a Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu first degree black belt course on video is available by Streaming OnDemand or INSTANT DOWNLOAD on Vimeo's Ninjutsu On-Demand Channel.

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Ninjutsu Black Belt Course with Sensei Roemke

You can immediately start learning the Ninjutsu black belt martial art techniques of Bujinkan's famous Hatsumi Soke in Japan. These 62 full-length, comprehensive lessons with Bujinkan Sensei Mark Roemke show required knowledge for earning a first-degree (Shodan level) black belt at his Dojo in Santa Cruz California. Sensei Roemke studies directly with Hatsumi Soke and is licensed to teach genuine Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu (the ancient art of the Ninja) by Grandmaster Hatsumi in Japan. He transmits the foundations of Hatsumi Soke's critical knowledge from ancient Japan in this gem of a course for beginners, novices or advanced ninjas-in-training. You will appreciate the full-length lessons and clear organization that takes the fog out of viewing partial, random clips! As a weapons expert, Sensei Roemke has packed this program with hours of weapons training, one of the hardest types of knowledge to come by in Ninjutsu. This Bujinkan blackbelt video course features over 8 hours of Ninjutsu video instruction including 16 weapons and a 44 page course guide

Download a printable pdf of the 8 hour curriculum:

Black Belt Video Course Guide

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